Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

The current Agreement is a legal document that reveals your rights and obligations, towards Bitlle.com and its services (Bitlle.com Service), along with our (“we” or “Bitlle.com”) rights and obligations. You should read and understand this Agreement before you register at Battle.com Service. By your registration, you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions of the current Agreement. You should realize that the current Agreement may be amended from time to time as per point 16 of the Agreement.

A user that registers at Bitlle.com creates an “account” and becomes an “Account owner”.

2. Services of Bitlle.com

Bitlle.com Service allows the Account owner to get his/her Cash back from the tracked purchases in online stores. Cash back paid to the Account owner after the following conditions are fulfilled. A retailer should confirm that the purchase of the Account owner was tracked, it is real and completed successfully (which makes the purchase “to meet with requirements”), as well as the payment for the customer referral, used for the cashback payments, is transferred by a retailer and received by us. As a retailer, we name any seller and supplier of goods and services presented on our website, along with other companies in cooperation with us (for instance, websites of prices comparing).

FAQ page and other legal documentation on the website Battle.com presents additional information about our Service. You should read this section to find the answers to your possible questions to Bitlle.com Service.

3. Account opening

In order to get approved account at Bitlle.com, you should be older than 16 years old. Our users are restricted to open more than one account with us.

During registration at Bittle.com you should enter precise and actual information about yourself, including but not limited by your real surname/name and any other requested details. You should provide the details of the payment system you prefer to receive your Cash back to (your cashback payment method), which may be your bank account, PayPal account, Web money, Qiwi, credit/debit card or other account. You are responsible (a) to check if you are eligible to use the mentioned payment method and (b) to confirm that you want to receive cashback to your account in this payment system. You have to check the preciseness of your payment information in Settings of your account and amend it on time respectively, if needed.

Our Confidentiality policy

Our Confidentiality policy contains important information how we process personal data, entered by you in your Bitlle.com account, including the information accrued during cashback payments processing via chosen by you systems.

Please, note, some payment methods (for instance, PayPal) may have their own rules for minimum and maximum amounts of a transfer.

Caution: You are eligible to keep your email address, connected to your Bitlle.com account, active and have permanent access to it, as we will be sending to your email important notices. If you change your email address, you should update it in your Bitlle.com account immediately.

4. Cash back

As soon as an Account owner makes a purchase, that meets the requirements, and we get the commission for this purchase, we add the appropriate Cash back amount to his/her account in Bittle.com. As soon as the positive balance of an account reaches or exceeds the minimum level for the withdrawal, an Account owner is able to make the payment transfer request of the available at the account amount via chosen payment method (method of receiving funds).

Please, note there are different circumstances that may make your purchase at a retailer not to meet the requirements or not payable in terms of cashback. Our pages with stores will help to get additional information about such circumstances.

The following circumstances can be the reason for rejection of the Cash back payment to the Account owner or for the revocation in our favor:

a) If commission received by us is not connected to the transaction that met the requirements or with the Personal area of the Account owner (for instance, if the Account owner did not login to his Personal area at Bitlle.com before making a purchase);

b) If a purchase was eligible for the Cash back but it was canceled and terminated later (based on a customer’s instructions or any other reason);

c) If cash back should be allocated to an Account owner or account, which

- Is blocked as per point 8 of the current Agreement;

is connected with the suspicious activity, fraud activity or breach of this Agreement;

- is used for purchasing in the name and on behalf of any third party.

d) If cashback allocated or should be added to an account which was inactive during more than twelve months.

5. Intellectual property

By adding or uploading any materials to Bitlle.com, an Account owner gives directly:

a) To us non-exclusive license (including the license for sublicenses issue) to use, present and distribute these materials via Bitlle.com Service and any other interactive services, which are used by us or our sub licensee for offering Bitlle.com Services (or services on the basis of Bitlle.com service);

b) And to other account owners (via us, based on the license mentioned in point (a) above of the current clause) non-exclusive, personal, nontransferable right of review of all relevant materials.

You acknowledge that all author’s rights, trademarks and any other rights of intellectual property, connected to Bitlle.com Service (including materials transferred by Accounts owners or retailers) belong, or licensed, to us. It is easy to copy materials from websites, but it is not legal. Therefore, no one has a right to copy, distribute, show to the public or create derivative services of Bitlle.com Service, or any materials, published on Bitlle.com, if you do not have the respective right of licensing.

6. Personal data

Our policy of Personal data security is the part of the current Agreement. By acknowledging the current Agreement, you as well accept the way we store and process your personal data as per this policy.

Taking into consideration the global feature of Internet, please, note that information added to Bitlle.com Service may become available for internet users all over the world.

7. Our participation

Bitlle.com is not a counterparty in any transactions between users and retailers. We are not a seller or a supplier and we do not offer any recommendation services about purchasing of goods and services offered by the retailers. Respectively, we do not have any legal obligations connected with sellers of those goods and services.

Hence, we do not have any control of and do not bear any responsibility for:

- Quality, safety or legacy of goods and services presented by the retailers;

- A retailer’s ability to deliver offered goods and services.

While making a transaction with a retailer presented on our website, users should be as cautious as if they make a purchase at any other place.

According to the law, you release us, as well as our agents and employees, from any responsibility, raised from or connected to any transactions with retailers, including (without limitations) all claims and demands related to transactions (compete or incomplete) with retailers, or any goods and services offered for selling or delivery, or sold and delivered, based or connected to your transactions with retailers.

8. Abusive activity

We reserve the right to pause or stop totally access to Bitlle.com Services for any Account owner, if we have the reasons to believe that the Account owner or its account breaches any clause of the current Agreement.

Users are restricted to create more than one account.

Account must be used for purchasing in the name of the Account owner, and not in the name or in the interests of other people. Meanwhile, the account owner may use his/her account for irregular purchases in the name or in the interest of a friend or a family member; however, we prohibit such practice if the above mentioned purchases for third parties are regular and used for many people. In such case, those customers should create their own accounts at Bitlle.com.

Account owners should not make, or try to make, any transactions with retailers with purpose to get Cash back:

a) By providing personal and/or payment information of other person, which is used illegally by the Account owner;

b) By fraudulent or unfair use of retailers offers; or

c) By breaching any terms and conditions stated by us or by a retailer for the certain transaction.

Every Account owner is responsible to ensure that any materials added and connected to his/her account:

a) Does not contain any destructive, offensive, indecent, inappropriate or threaten information;

b) Does not mean and cannot cause anger feelings and suffering of any person, as well as create unpleasant conditions for him/her;

c) Does not contain computer viruses, macro viruses, Trojan Horse software, Internet worms or other programs/information meant to interfere and disturb normal processing of a personal computer, as well as secret information capturing or gaining access without permission, or stealing a system data or personal information;

d) Does not contradict with the applicable legislation or rules (including, but not limited by laws regulating consumer rights protection, distance trade, unfair competition, antidiscrimination, false advertising, copyrights, trademarks and confidentiality);

e) Does not entrench on rights of any individual or legal entity (including any rights or assumed confidentiality policy);

f) Contains objective and reliable reviews about retailers;

g) Does not contain advertising of any goods and services

If you observe or suspect breach of any stated above conditions, please, inform us using the Feedback form on the website.

Every Account owner acknowledges our right, but not obligation, to remove any material, breaching the current terms and conditions, based on the information received from the third parties or other users.

We reserve the right to halt the service of an account, providing the owner used incorrect email address during registration, or email address of the account owner deactivated and stopped receiving emails, or if an account owner marked our emails as deleterious or spam.

9. Third parties

In case you are contacted by Bitlle.com or any of the retailers for additional information or with transactions queries connected to you or your account, you should:

a) Give all possible information required from you in this question;

b) Answer precisely and quickly yourself, if we transfer this message to be replied by you.

10. Additional services

We, or our partners, may offer new or additional services via Bitlle.com Service from time to time. In order to use those services they may require accepting additional terms and conditions. Providing you were informed about such conditions in a certain way (will be determined by us) and after your acceptance of the services, any breach or non-observance of the terms, regulating those services, will be considered as a breach of the current Agreement.

11.Bitlle.com Service functionality

We reserve the right to reject, change or stop some aspects of Bitlle.com Service or remove them entirely, given we have legal, technical or commercial reasons for that.

We will make all the efforts to send you advanced notice 30 days before the fulfillment of those measures, apart from the cases when the fast actions must be taken for the security reasons or due to technical reasons, which may affect negatively the whole service. If Bitlle.com Service is not available due to technical issues, experiencing by Bitlle.com or Internal totally, we will ensure to take all possible measures for overriding those difficulties, when the solution depends on us. Please, note, however, we cannot guarantee the permanent access to the service and materials published on it.

Nevertheless, we will strive to minimize any planned periods of service shutdowns, which we inform you about while accessing the service.

For the reasons of security, as well as other reasons, we may request you to change your password or any other information, used to access Bitlle.com Service. However, we will never ask your password via email, phone call or other means of communication, except of Bitlle.com website. You are solely responsible for keeping your password and any additional identity information in confidentiality.

12. Responsibility

We guarantee the necessary competence in delivery of Bitlle.com Services, required to comply with the features and specifications of our service, however, we cannot and will not guarantee that Bittle.com will meet your personal expectations and requirements.

Bitlle.com bears the responsibility only in cases described in the current Agreement, and will not have any other obligation, duty or responsibility neither in a contract (including negligence, breach of charter obligations and any other breach of legal rights) nor in any other way.

We do not bear responsibility before you or any other legal entity for any harm (including negligence, breach of the legal obligations or other civil offence) or any other way, as follows:

- For income or business loss, expected economy or profits;

- Or for any other indirect or special losses, damages, expenses or other claims, which arose for an reason: either non execution/late execution of Bitlle.com services or any other non-fulfillment of the current Agreement, or any other way.

Regardless of the mentioned above clauses of the current Agreement, all offers, guarantees, conditions and other terms and directions (obvious or not, but legal) are finalized and discussed separately, apart from those terms which may be admitted fraudulent and illegal.

In order to exclude any doubts, Bitlle.com will not bear any responsibility in front of you or any other party, on regards of the materials added by Account owners, processed (or non – processed) transactions with retailers or any activity/communication connected to those materials or operations.

Terms of the current clause 12 will be valid after the termination or the validity expiry of the current Agreement.

13. Compensation

You acknowledge to be eligible for any expenses and to be entirely responsible for any claims that may occur as the result or in the connection with (a) any breach of the current Agreement by you or via your account, or (b) any breach of rules of a transaction with a retailer. You agree to compensate all expenses to Bitlle.com upon our request.

14. Transfer of rights

We reserve the right to transfer the current Agreement, as well as appoint and transfer to subcontract our rights and obligations under the current Agreement, partially or entirely, but to do it in a way not reducing your guarantees as per the current Agreement. You cannot discard this Agreement or transfer to subcontract any of your rights and obligations under it, unless you get the written approval of Bitlle.com.

15. Completeness of the Agreement

The current Agreement assumes your fully consent with us in relation to Bitlle.com Service. We believe the current Agreement is reasonable and fair. This Agreement replaces all previous agreements and arrangements with you related to Bitlle.com Service, apart from fraud and intentional providing of incorrect information by either party.

16. Amendments

We reserve the right to amend the current Agreement from time to time, as well as after updates of Bitlle.com Service. We make it by uploading a new version of the Agreement instead of the current one. A new version of the Agreement will come into force and regulated Bitlle.com Services and our relations with you

- in thirty days after the publication date (or later, given it is stated in the Agreement) in case any of the new amendments may influence you negatively. If you are not willing to accept a new version of the Agreement you can inform us about it until the activation date of the new version, and, respectively, you are obliged to stop using Bitlle.com Service;

- Or immediately from the moment of publication on the website (or later, given it is stated in the publication) if the amendments are not connected with our main terms and conditions and, hence, cannot influence you negatively; such amendments may include, but not be limited by the changes of the contact information or clarification of the existing rules of the Agreement.

17. Common terms

In case any of the clauses of the current Agreement recognized as invalid or unenforceable, the rest part of the Agreement remains in force. Both, you and Bitlle.com, are independent contractors, and none of the following relations created under this Agreement: foundation, partnership, joint enterprise or employee – employer relations. Our inability to act in regards of breach of this Agreement by you or other parties gives us the right to take measures in respect of further or other similar breaches.

18. Governing language

This Agreement, Company Website as well as any additional agreement hereto (both present and future) are made in English. Any other language translations are provided as a convenience only. In the case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the original English texts and their translation into any other language, the original versions in English shall prevail.

19. Safekeeping of the Agreement

We do not create archives and store individual agreement of Account owners after their registration at Bitlle.com. You can access the Agreement on Bitlle.com website. Please, make your copy of the current Agreement by printing or downloading to your personal computer.