What is Bitlle?

A global project in the field of client loyalty and blockchain technologies. It includes 3 integrated sub-projects:

Bitlle Network

A network project (off-chain, above Ethereum blockchain) which allows stores and services to create fundamentally new loyalty programs of the next generation. By means of Bitlle Network people will be able freely exchange their bonuses received in different stores, services and companies, being in any part of our planet. Moreover, business costs for such innovative loyalty programs will be less than in case of traditional programs.

Bitlle Platform

A project of the platform, which works at Bitlle Network and allows to create loyalty program of any complexity on a blockchain. It is not just another service helping to issue your own tokens, but it includes all the necessary infrastructure, administration and user interfaces, which can be created without any specific knowledge of programming. Meanwhile, emitter of loyalty tokens will pay only small commission for issue of the tokens and micro-commissions for transactions. No any license or subscriber payments used in traditional loyalty platforms.

Bitlle Cashback

The pilot project and the first blockchain cash back service in the world. Cash back is credited in the form of Bitlle tokens directly to the client’s Ethereum wallet.

What are Bitlle tokens (BTL)?

These are internal tokens of Bitlle Network issued on Ethereum blockchain. Totally issued 100 000 000 tokes. Contract address of a token. The aggregated plan of tokens’ distribution.

How can I receive Bitlle tokens?

There are 2 ways to receive BTL tokens at the moment:

  1. To participate in a pre-sale with the preliminary subscription
  2. To make purchases at Bitlle Cashback service and get tokens as bonuses. In case you participate in the partnership program, you will get tokens as follows: 15% from the quantity of tokens your referrals received.
How can I use BTL tokens?

In the nearest future you will be able to sell Bitlle tokens or exchange them to goods and services. The value of a token will be increasing as per development of the project. The above will give you brand new opportunities for token implementation.

What is cash back and where is it taken from?

Cash back is a partial refund of payments spent in online stores. At our service you get cashback in the form of BTL tokens. Fiat commission, which we receive from partner stores, is used for the project development.

Why do stores need this?

Price of goods in any store includes costs for marketing and advertising. However, very often calculations are wrong, and the cost of a client’s referral is much higher than predicted. In our case a store shares with us the amount which was included initially to advertising spendings. This scheme is beneficial to all parties: a store gets a guaranteed customer, while a customer receives the part of the paid price in the form of Bitlle tokens.

How does cach back affect the price of goods?

In no way. You buy goods at a standard price. In case you have discount in a certain store, you will use this discount, and anyway will get your cash back

How many tokens will I get for a purchase?

The calculation is made by the following formula:

Cash back = ( Price of the purchase х Cashback rate) / 0.1 USD

With the rate 1 BTL = 0.10 USD

For example:

You decided to buy a smartphone at 350 USD in “AliExpress” with the current chasback rate 7%:

Cash back = ( 350 х 7% ) / 0.1 USD = 245 BTL tokens.

How should I shop in order to get cash back?
  • You should purchase goods straightaway after you transit from our website to the website of a store
  • If you firstly opened a website of a store and added some goods to the shopping cart, and afterwards you remembered about cash back, you should clear the chopping cart and log out from the website. And now enter your credentials on bitlle.com, press the red button to be transferred to the store you need, and start shopping.
  • Be careful while shopping and try not to open other websites, especially with the advertising banners. In some cases that may prevent tracking of a purchase.
  • If you use AdBlock, or any other advertising blocker, you should switch them off for a while, otherwise the purchase will be made incorrectly.
  • Do not use third-party promo codes and bonus programs, for instance, such as “Malina” and “Mnogo.ru”
  • Do not shop by means of telephone call, you should shop via online store
  • If you use mobile devices purchases sometimes get lost, hence, try to use for shopping notebook or computer.
  • Do not use mobile applications of stores, in most cases we can’t track order made via applications.
What is blockchain?

Blockchain (originally block chain) - is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. In most cases chain of blocks is kept on many different computers independently from each other.*

* Wikipedia

Where can I see my Bitlle tokens ?

You can see your BTL tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

I do not have Ethereum wallet

The simplest way is to download MetaMask extension for Chrome and create Ethereum wallet in it, making couple of clicks. After activation of the extension, you will be able to manage it both, directly from the extension and from this domain https://wallet.ethereum.org. In order to see BTL in your wallet, you should add address of Bitlle token contact in the section Tokens extensions: you should click “Add Tokens” and enter 0x92685E93956537c25Bb75D5d47fca4266dd628B8 to the field “Token address”. If needed, please, enter decimals - 4 digits. From now, Bitlle tokens will be visible in your wallet.

The second option to create Ethereum wallet is the website MyEtherWallet. You can create your Ethereum wallet in several clicks, following the detailed instructions. After authorisation of a wallet and in order to see in it your Bitlle tokens you should press Show All Tokens on the right panel of the website. Please, be attentive: among default tokens they have BTL (Battle) token, which is not connected to our project at all.

How fast will cash back be tracked and credited?

Usually, it takes less than 1 hour to get the information about purchases from stores, but in most cases this happens during several minutes. But in some rare cases, it may be prolonged up to 24 hours. Further, we are waiting for the payments from the store, and as soon we receive them, we credit cash back to your wallet. In average, it takes around 5-8 weeks from the moment of purchase till cash back crediting.

Shall I get cash back if I pay using bank card with integrated cash back?

Yes, you will get cash back both from our service and your bank, except special offers of a bank.

What if you do not have the required store in your store list?

You can send us your query and we will try to add the store to our list as soon as possible.

Do you have more questions?

Join our online community in Telegram, and we will gladly reply to you.

As well you can send your questions to the email info@bitlle.com