Encyclopedia of Cash Back

What is cash back and where does it come from?

Cash back is a service where a part of the amount spent in online stores is paid back to you. It can be a percentage of the bill, or it can be a fixed amount – it depends solely on the store you are buying at.

Cashback doesn’t mean thin air money. Partner stores pay us commission from every purchase made by our clients, and we pay the greatest part of this commission back to the customers. This is how cash back works.

What profit do the stores gain from it?

The price of goods of any store includes expenditures for marketing and advertisement. Nevertheless, the estimations are not always correct, and very often the customer attraction cost is greater than expected. In our case, a store pays us the amount of money it planned to spend on advertisement, while we share it with you. Such a scheme benefits everyone: the store definitely attracts a customer, while the customer returns a part of the bill.

How does cash back influence the product price?

It has no influence whatsoever. You buy the product at its regular price. And if you have a discount at this particular store, then you buy it at a discounted price, but in any case you earn cash back.

How does it work?

For example, you have decided to take an Apple watch in the Svyaznoy store for $549:

  1. Find the Svyaznoy store in our Store list
  2. Click on the red button to go directly to the store's website and make a purchase.
  3. We accrue your cash back in the amount of $33 in the personal account.
  4. You transfer it to your bank card, telephone, Qiwi account, or withdraw it using any other means.

How do I do the shopping to earn cash back?

  • Do the shopping immediately after continuing to the store’s website from our website.
  • If, at first, you opened the store’s website and added the product to the cart, and only after that you remembered about cash back, then you should clear the cart and close the store’s website. Then continue to bitlle.com, follow the red button to visit the store you need, and proceed to shopping.
  • During online shopping, try not to open the pages of other websites, especially those containing banner ads, since in some cases it can interfere with the purchase tracking.
  • If using AdBlock or any other ad blockers, you should temporarily deactivate them, otherwise it will be impossible to track the purchase.
  • Do not use off-site promotion codes and bonus rebates, for instance, such as “Malina”, “Mnogo.ru” and so on.
  • Do not arrange the purchase using a telephone call – you should place your order only through the store’s website.
  • Sometimes the purchases get lost if arranged via mobile devices, so it is better to use a computer/laptop, if possible.
  • Do not use mobile applications of stores, since in most of the cases the orders are not tracked through the applications.

What do I do with cash back rewards?

Anything you like! Unlike various bonus systems, you do receive real money. Use this money as you wish.


In what currency is cash back accrued?

This depends on the currency you used to pay for the product. For example, the goods are sold in dollars on Aliexpress and in rubles – in all Russian stores.

What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn?

We have no such limitations. It is important that the transfer commission doesn’t exceed the amount to be withdrawn. If you withdraw the amount exceeding 500 rubles/10 USD/10 EUR, we will pay the commission ourselves.

How quickly will cash back be tracked and accrued?

As a rule, it takes the stores no more than an hour to send us the information on a purchase – generally, it takes only a few minutes. But in some rare cases it can take a day. Then we are waiting together with you for the payment to be confirmed at the store, and as soon as the payment is effected, we accrue your cash back. On the average, it takes from 5 to 8 weeks from the moment of the product purchase until cash back rewards are accrued.

Will I earn cash back in Bitlle, if I make the payment using Tinkoff Bank’s card covered by the bank’s cash back offers?

Yes, you will be credited by Tinkoff Bank for 1% of your purchases, and you will also earn certain cash back from us depending on the store’s rate.

What if there is no needed store in your Store list?

You are welcome to contact us, and we will try to add the store within the shortest possible time, if there is such a possibility.