What are Bitlle Tokens (BTL)?

These are crypto shares of Bitlle.com project, issued on the basis of Ethereum blockchain technology. Every token is a digital equivalent of ordinary shares and it gives the right for the certain part of the project in the future. As a whole 100 000 000 tokens are issued. On the first test stage it is planned to allocate 2 005 000 tokens.

How to receive token on the first test stage?

Please, sign up and add your wallet number in Ethereum: you will receive 1 BTL as a welcome bonus for registration in our project. This way we will allocate 5 000 tokens. Apart from this, you will be getting tokens for each purchase made through our service, calculated as 1 BTL for every 0.05 USD of company profits. If you are a member of our partnership program, you will be getting 15% from the number of tokens gained by your referrals. We will allocate 2 000 000 tokens, using that scheme.

What will happen to the rest tokens?

We are planning to allocate most part of all BTL tokens among our partners and clients on the next stages.

What is it for? What is the target?

We believe that loyal customers of any company deserve to receive tokens (shares) of the company, but not some kind of bonuses. They should get tokens together with investors and project team. We built Loyalty Coin Offering (LCO) model, which assumes rewarding of loyalty and labor by the company tokens during its existence period. Tokens should be distributed not by the decision of a managing body but by the software algorithm working in a blockchain. Token holders may owe them as an investment, change them to goods and services or simply sell them at Exchange.

Our target is a creation of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), absolutely transparent and stable against any external threats. The organization will have the domestic capital, realized in the form of own crypto currency (Bitlle Tokens). Tokens along with the included algorithms will be used for motivation of all involved parties.

We plan to widespread our technology and implement LCO-protocol to external e-commerce projects.

How we use the revenue of the project?

  1. Investments to the development of the project. Reorganization to the integral DAO.
  2. Research in DAO and client loyalty (LCO).
  3. Diversification. Investments to external blockchain projects.

Totally, our activity is aimed for growing of project capitalization, which means increase in value of Bitlle Token.

I do not have Ethereum wallet

The simplest way is to download MetaMask extension for Chrome and create Ethereum wallet in it, making couple of clicks. After activation of the extension, you will be able to manage it both, directly from the extension and from this domain https://wallet.ethereum.org. In order to see BTL in your wallet, you should add address of Bitlle token contact to the section Contracts (https://wallet.ethereum.org/contracts): you should click “Check tokens” and enter 0x92685E93956537c25Bb75D5d47fca4266dd628B8 to the field “Address of token contract”.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to email us to info@bitlle.com and we will gladly reply to you as soon as possible