Affiliate Program

Earn money by referring people to!

Every time your friends shop online, you get 15% of their cash back. Besides, if they refer their friends, you also earn money from them.

1 level

A friend you invited

Your earning

15% of your friend's cash back

For example, you referred your friend Michael to, and within a month he got a $2,000 cashback.

Your earning amounts to $2,000 x 15% = $300.

2 level

A referral your friend invited

Your earning

15% of your referral's affiliate earning

The following month Michael invited his friend Alex, who got a $3,000 cash back. Michael earned $450 from Alex’s cash back and he himself got a $2,500 cash back.

Your earning from Michael amounts to $2,500 x 15% = $375, and from Alex - $450 x 15% = $67.5. Total: $442.5.

3 level

A referral your friend’s referral invited

Your earning

15% of your friend's affiliate earning (including his earning from referrals he invited)

In the third month Michael and Alex got a $3,000 cash back each. In addition, Alex referred a few friends who totally got $5,000 of cash back.

Your earning amounts to $3,000 x 15% + $3,000 x 15% x 15% + $5,000 x 15% x 15% x 15% = $534.37.

What is the most important: you get a lifetime earnings from customers and partners that you referred to!

How to start referring friends and making money?

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Read terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program below and accept them.
A Promo Section with your referral link and other tools for attracting referrals will appear in your Affiliates area.
Refer your friends to the website and track your affiliate earning on the Earning and Referrals page. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program

  1. The Affiliate Program is a form of cooperation between cash back service and a user attracting new customers to The affiliate gets a reward depending on the earning received by each customer (referral) he/she attracted.
  2. The affiliate commission rate makes 15% of the total earnings of the affiliate’s referrals.
  3. The affiliate earning withdrawal is made at the request of the affiliate, according to general rules of withdrawal.
  4. It is prohibited:
    • To promote your referral link by methods forbidden by the Russian Federation regulation, for example, by e-mail spam;
    • To promote your referral link by any methods that negatively affect the reputation of;
    • To create websites that imitate functionality, design or color scheme of the website;
    • To create fake accounts in order to get affiliate earnings from your own purchases;
    • To forcibly redirect a user to a referral link without his/her knowledge or consent;
    • To upload the website via iframe.
  5. In case of violation of these provisions by the affiliate, retains the right to exclude the affiliate from the program, to deduct the amount of affiliate earnings from the affiliate's balance for the entire period or/and to block the affiliate’s account.
  6. retains the right to refuse participation in the referral program without explanation.
  7. retains the exclusive right to change these terms and conditions at its own and sole discretion at any time, without notice to the participants of the referral program. Participating in the referral program, the affiliate assures that he/she will follow the updates of the program terms and conditions himself/herself.